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2-July-2022 RESULT: Friends Of West Sussex beat Surrey at Westergate

Friends Of West Sussex beat Surrey 33 - 15 points (345 - 282 shots). Once again these Matches have been played in a great atmosphere of spirit and camaraderie.

West Sussex v Surrey 2022-07-02

Summer Competitions

Message forwarded from Jean Armour-Milne WSCSMBA SO

Living with COVID-19

The government has published its plan for living with Covid-19. From today, 24th February :

You are no longer legally required to self-isolate if you test positive
You are no longer legally required to self-isolate if you are an unvaccinated contact
You are no longer advised to test for 7 days if you are a fully vaccinated close contact

West Sussex Viewpoint

Anyone testing positive must NOT take part in any short mat activity - roll-ups, matches or competitions.

Rationale: The short mat population consists of many vulnerable adults with underlying medical conditions. It is everyone's duty of care to protect others.

Horsham is the COVID capital of the UK and West Sussex has too many COVID cases. We must not put others at risk. Masks should still be worn in communal areas.

Jean Armour-Milne
County Safeguarding Officer
West Sussex achieve “Safe Bowls Status” at Westergate!
Westergate Venue has Safe Bowls Status
New Laws Of The Game book can be purchased from: 

Bond Bowls             Tel 01363777795

The Bowls Shop       Tel 01159292233 

Shot Bowl               Tel 01778348788

ESMBA Laws of the Game (Draft) 09.03.20

 Up and Coming Dates for your Diary:

* Management Committee Meet – Mon 4th July, Video Conference, 19:30

* ESMBA AGM – 23rd July  

Management Committee Meet – Mon 26th Sept, U. Beeding, 14:30

Author: SirRog!

I was introduced to Short Mat Bowls in 2005, and have been "hooked" ever since! I have played for my local club (Cowfold) ever since. I have represented my County West Sussex at all levels. I have been my club secretary since 2006 and in 2016 I became County Secretary & Membership Secretary. I recently took on the task of building this website with no previous experience, although my background included working with computers!

31 thoughts on “Welcome to wscsmba.co.uk”

  1. Congrats to all behind the making of the Web Site.

    It looks good and off to a smart start.

    If it means that my Inbox remains half full when I go on holiday and am away from my desktop where I
    keep the info. I keep the info just in case a knowledgeable member asks about the West Sussex County

    So far the members have not asked but you never know. ….


    Ashurst Wood SMBC

  2. Website is looking good but I can only access it through Jim’s facebook page. Like the fact you can now get the entry forms. Well done ! This has been a long time waiting for but well worth it.

    Jean Amour-Milne

  3. Message from Anthony (The Sussex Blood Runners):

    Hi Jean,

    Harry and I were pleased to be able to represent SERV at the short mat bowling competition. It is the first time we had ever seen this version of bowls and found it very interesting (might have a try at it one of these days!) The incredible amount you raised for SERV will go a long way in helping keep us on the road for which we are very grateful .

    Many thanks for your hospitality and for an enjoyable day.

    I look forward to meeting you all again at your AGM in June.

    Kind regards,

  4. Robin or Roger could you email me a copy of that Chobham competition flyer, I tried to copy it but it wont copy . Regards Ron

  5. Hi Roger,
    Could you put on the web site with regard to rule E6 (a forcing shot ) what force a forcing shot is.
    Is it a shot that just hits the fender or one that moves a few woods about as there is a lot of conjecture over the strength of a forcing shot and some clarity would be appreciated.
    Ron Booty

  6. Well done against Somerset and tank you Sir Rog for keeping us up to date with the score.
    Keith P

  7. Hi Roger,
    There appears to be an “A” team result missing for the 16th February 2019.
    Could you please update .
    Ron Booty

  8. Hi Roger
    This is Mick george from wivelsfield shortmat
    Looking for E mail address for upper bleeding short mat for a
    Friendly game

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