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NEW Venues ICC and County Competitions 2024/25 ! ! !

Our primary venue, storing 8 mats, is Worthing Pavilion BN14 7EQ, where we will stage our ICC and County Competitions 2024/25.

Our second venue, storing 4 mats is Chanctonbury Leisure Centre, Storrington, RH20 4PG.

The County Diary will hold details of events being held at both Worthing and Storrington.

ICC News 2023/24


12-May-2024: A successful day with a great win over Surrey on their own mats. 33 to 15 points and by 66 shots.

The full result sheet is in the link below, it was a good team effort for everyone.

Top team was Team 2 with 8 points and +39 shots

Individual components with 4 wins were Team 1 triples ; Team 2 triples ; Team 6 triples and also Team 6 Pairs.

Well done to everyone, especially Pat and Lyn for coming in at the last minute.

FoW SRY v WSX 2024-May-12 scoresheet

Our home game against Surrey will also be at Wey Valley on Saturday 29th June. The team for this one will be sent out in June approx 2 weeks beforehand.

11-Nov-2023: Beat Surrey Away 21 (194) – 19 (188). 02-Dec-2023: Beat East Sussex Home 31 (222) – 9 (165). 06-Jan-2024: Beat Surrey Home 21 (190) – 19 (183). 14-Feb-2024: The Prems beat Suffolk 28 – 12 at Wey Valley to go through to the Q/F. 19-Feb-2024: Q/F Dorset 34-6 West Sussex.

This seasons Premier ICC campaign has really been the most enjoyable I’ve been involved in. The selection policy of prioritising players who really want to be involved has proved to be the right direction to go in as performances and results have been very good, and we achieved so much more than we could have hoped for. We won 5 of our 6 group games, including beating Hampshire at Westergate for the first time in many years. Home and away wins against Surrey and East Sussex saw us qualify for the Premier One knockout. We were then victorious in the last 16 with a comfortable win over Suffolk, then finally exiting the competition at the quarter final stage against the reigning champions Dorset.

Next season will be very challenging with Kent joining our Group replacing East Sussex who drop down into the A Team competition. With both Hampshire and Kent (both in the top 6 counties nationwide) in our group, qualification is a huge task and improving our overall results against this level of opposition will also be made more difficult without the home advantage Westergate used to give us. I’m sure we can continue to move forwards and Myself and the selectors for next season (Antony Bull-Southbourne, Steve Jeffery-Infinity and Jo Streeter-Downsman) are looking forward to announcing the Premier Squad in the coming weeks.

ICC Prems 2023/24 Page

02-Dec-2023: Lost to Hampshire at Home 17 (162) – 23 (195). 09-Dec-2023: Beat Kent at home 21 (177) – 19 (183).

The “A” Team Trials held at Westergate on 23rd March were well supported with members of last year’s squad as well as a lot of new faces. I would like to thank all those who participated on that day. As yet myself and selectors Dean Rundle and Paul Davies have not had a meeting to choose the squad as we are waiting to see the development regarding a new venue. Hopefully we will be able to publicise the squad for 2024/25 towards the end of April. We will be having two squad days held at Fittleworth Village Hall on 24th August and 14th September.

ICC A Team 2023/24 Page

B-Team Result: 

The B Team had a successful final day at Westergate winning against London who had borrowed two of our players. London have just one team so it contains players of all abilities.

Some very good bowling under pressure from the opposition, the triples gained all 8 points, Barbara Weir's four were successful in both of their games.

The B Team has shown fantastic team spirit in all of their matches this season, supporting all and making sure newer players were put at ease.

Well done !

WSX B-Team v London 6-Apr-2024

ICC B-Team Page

Competitions 2024

West Sussex Summer Competitions (Revised)

We are holding two competitions this summer at Storrington.

(Open to players who are registered with West Sussex through any club)

There are only spaces available for 8 teams in each competition.

More details and entry forms on the link below:

Summer Competitions (Revised)

Other Competitions

Bits & Pieces

* MCM – Mon 29th April, Upper Beeding 19:30

* AGM – Thurs 30th May, Upper Beeding 14:30

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