Mental Health Awareness

Subject: Free Training Opportunity – Mental Health Awareness

Hello Everyone,

Coming on the back of Mental Health Awareness week, Coaching UK is opening its E-learning course open to all and free of charge until August.

As it is an online course, you can easily fit it around your life, and I know we are in lockdown, but I found it so interesting that I completed it over 3 days, but that isn’t to say you cant take 2 weeks or more if that is all the time you can allow.

It was particularly well put together and extremely eye opening and thought provoking.

We are being told a lot about the negative mental effects of lockdown on huge sections on the population and that the effects of lockdown will be felt for a long time after the restrictions are lifted. This course gave me a huge insight into the types and severity of the different mental health conditions.

To enrol , please follow the below link

and ‘purchase’ the free course. This sets you up an account, and then when you have time to do a bit of the course you enter through ‘ billing’ and resume where you left off – all very simple.

You get a certificate when you finish , and I would appreciate if you let me know when you complete the course, for my records.

Please try it, much of the safeguarding that we do is linked to mental health and this course will give you a better understanding of what can motivate or conversely limit people in their attitude to sport or other team mates or club mates.

Stay well, stay alert and we may all be bowling again soon

Best regards Lynn