Safe Bowls Status Paperwork!

COVID-19 ESMBA Safe Bowls Status

All Club Secretaries …

Please read through all the below documents carefully as there are items that need completing.

This is not permission to return to bowls. You must obtain the required Certificate (Safe Bowls Status) first.
This is issued by the ESMBA after the County has seen and verified your paperwork.

The Process to Obtaining a Certificate

If your club does not have a Safeguarding Officer then in the first instance you should appoint one, failing this a senior member to be appointed to undertake the role. This person will complete all the necessary documents and declare the site safe. The next stage is for the County Safeguarding Officer (CSO) to review and countersign if all conditions are met.
Next, the CSO will inform the ESMBA.

The County Safeguarding Officer is: Jean Armour-Milne.

Grant aid is available, please refer to the enclosed documentation.