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Hello Everyone,
Just to keep you all updated, attached please find the ESMBA statement that has been issued 18-Jul-2021 to all county Secretaries regarding the next stage out of lockdown and will be posted on the webpage imminently.
It is believed that as the scientists are urging caution, and the transmission figures are again rising the future is still uncertain and so because of the demographic of our membership we are still urging clubs and counties to take a cautious approach and putting our confidence in the safe bowls scheme which has proved very effective so far for the clubs who wished to return to bowling
However the ESMBA are mindful that with the Governments removal of the legal covid requirements from Monday that safe bowls clubs may wish to review and relax some of the more robust measure in their original risk assessment – most especially the spacing of the mats and so have issued a set of ‘minimum’ instructions for safe bowls clubs to adopt it they wish. It is hoped that they will still consider many of the practices already adopted worthwhile and easy to keep and this is where the message of caution comes in. Please circulate this list/statement to your safe bowls clubs and engage with them regarding what they intend to change if anything and continue to offer support and advice. I feel any relaxation will be driven by the club members – only relaxing things, like taking tea and coffee at club when they are ready ……… so if and when they decide to do that please try and help them find solutions for their particular club which considers minimal people preparing beverages in a confined space and serving the drinks whilst members are seated etc
In order to continue our excellent record at safe clubs it is recommended that clubs only visit others with safe bowls – being assured that they have an approved risk assessment as robust as there own.
The Association also acknowledges however that in addition to all the clubs who wanted our help and advice regarding good practices during covid times there were some who were waiting for ‘freedom’ day to open without changes. The ESMBA does not condone this but cannot ignore it either and has issued a Covid Awareness Checklist which challenges these clubs/counties to consider some bare minimum changes. This is not signed off by yourselves or me, the club or county take full responsibility. But it is hoped that this can be an ‘interim’ step and you will be able to persuade them in due course to complete the V3 Covid Risk Assessment so that they can have full safe bowls status protocols in place for any future Government reintroduction of Restrictions.
Thank you for everything you have done so far to help clubs keep there members safe, i know its been a struggle for some of you managing this with your own work commitments and we have all had some challenging clubs to deal with.
Having worked on this now for a whole year I think of Safe bowls as good insurance, who would have ever comprehended what we have been through in this last year but we have a good Risk Assessment and a good process that can be reverted back to, or built on. We now know the unimaginable can happen and with that in mind clubs should still be persuaded to have these protocols in place in principle to call on in the event they are needed again. Its why any of us take out insurance……to cover ourselves in case the unthinkable happens!