Approved “Safe” Clubs

As of 12-Oct-2020

GOOD NEWS - Short Mat Bowls is a recognised indoor organised sport.


Players need to treat each mat as a "bubble" and their "isolation" begins when they book, so that those who enter the hall first to set up become the first bubble (if 3/2 set up the 1/2 to join them) and then the remaining players form subsequent bubbles.

There should be no interaction / mingling between bubbles.

The physical barrier of chairs between the mats is encouraged if the hall allows (in the 3m separation of mats)


The move to triples is only for clubs who have already completed 2 weeks of 4 per mat to ensure the systems in place on paper actually work in practice and to ensure members are comfortable and familiar with them.

Clubs that want to move to triples must apply to the County SO. If there is a space of more than 75cm between the wall and the mat then clubs are able to have two mats, if not then clubs must go down to one mat. 

The following List of Clubs have been approved ESMBA “Safe” to Return to Bowls:

Ardingly SMBC
Arundel Bowling Club
Ashington SMBC
Ashurst Wood SMBC
Bognor Goodwoods SMBC
Cowfold Bowls Club
Crablands SMBC
Donnington SMBC
East Preston Bowls Club
Fittleworth Village SMBC
Haywards Heath Rollers SMBC
Horley Bowling Club
Horsham Bowling Club
Hunston SMBC
Infinity SMBC
Lavant SMBC
Mannings Heath SMBC
Nyetimber SMBC
Reigate Park SMBC
Southbourne Bowls Club
Southwater Bowls Club
Thakeham SMBC
Upper Beeding SMBC
Walberton SMBC
West Chiltington SMBC

Clubs In Review Status: